Born in Brown County, TX in 1897, she came to West Texas with her family in a covered wagon in 1900 and lived in the Becton community until she married in 1920. She and her husband, Tom Baber, moved to a farm near Lubbock where they raised four children. Mrs. Baber now has 13 children and numerous great grands.

At age 50 she began working at the magazine stand in the TNM & O Bus station, and continued to work there until age 80. For many years she entered baked goods and quilts and handwork in the South Plains Fair and won many ribbons.

She lived in her own home until age 99 when health problems forced her to make changes. She has been a lifelong faithful church member and a Sunday School teacher for about 50 years and she gained much strength and encouragement from her Christian faith.

Mrs. Baber has lived from the horse and buggy days until the present space age and remembers the first automobile and the first airplane she saw. She has always enjoyed recalling stories and events from her childhood. She remembers a grass fire that covered many acres and burned some houses and barns. Later the two room school burned and people suspected that a disgruntled student was responsible.

She was one of nine children, six of whom died before age 70, two lived into their 80's and one into his 90's and Mrs. Baber is now 102. Her father, R.C. Parrack, lived to be 94 and her grandmother was 96 when she died, so Mrs. Baber comes from a long lived ancestry.


Vianna Parrack Baber (standing). This picture was taken in 1920, about the time she was married.