[Clara Bell]

Born in 1898 in Hill County, Clara was the first born child of a young farming couple, John and Cassie Copeland. She was one of eight siblings; 5 boys and 3 girls.

As a young woman, Clara attended a dance and met a handsome young man; Herman Bell. They soon fell in love and married August 5, 1922 in Goree, TX. Shortly after they married, the Copeland family and the happy couple moved to an area between Halfway and Olton to farm. Later the couple had 2 lovely daughters, Kathy and Wilma.

By 1948, the Bell’s moved to Plainview to stay. There Clara was a dutiful housewife and field worker while Herman made a living as a carpenter. Her daughter, Kathy, remembers that she and her sister often worked in the fields chopping cotton with their mother. When not working in the fields and tending to her family, Clara sewed for the public and did a lot of hand work. Even though Clara and Herman worked hard, they did take time to “smell the roses.” They both loved to go fishing. Often two couples from their church would join them during these leisure moments.

Clara was an active member of a Home Demonstration Club where she knitted and crocheted for servicemen in World War II. Kathy tells us that her mother was always ready to lend a helping hand to others. She laughed when she called her mother, at age 95, helping get baskets together “for the elderly.”Clara was also a devoted member of the Baptist church. She taught Sunday school for 50 years, most recently at the College Heights Baptist Church.

Clara thinks the world of her family and they of her. When she turned a 100, she made dollies for all of her grandchildren. She has also made many beautiful afghans for her family through the years. She currently has 5 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren. Clara is especially proud of the fact that she and one of her great grand children were born on the same day.

[Copeland Kids]

Clara and two of her younger siblings

[Clara and Herman]

Clara and Herman during their younger days