Myrtle LaDora Nail was born in Dye Mound, Texas in 1899. She was the first of 8 children born to Thomas and Sarah Nail. The Nails were cotton farmers in Montague County until their crops were heavily damaged by boll weevils in 1917. The family then decided to move to Oklahoma. They loaded all of their belongings into two covered wagons and headed north on the rugged 12 day trip to Tipton, OK.

While in Tipton, Myrtle met her future husband, Kenneth Bozeman. They married in Altus, OK. in 1927 and later had one son. In 1937, the family moved to Lubbock and opened Bozeman Machinery. Kenneth was not only a machinery businessman but was also a well-known auctioneer for the area. Business was not the only important thing in their lives. The Bozeman's were strong Christians and very civically minded, always eager to promote a worthy cause. They donated the land to build Bozeman elementary, Parkway Drive Church of Christ, Lubbock Christian University and Abilene Christian University.

Even though Myrtle never learned to drive a car, she was still a very active in the community. Most of her leisure time was spent gardening and studying her bible. She is well know by her friends and family as a lady that really knows her bible. She was an active member of the Broadway and Greenlawn Churches of Christ. She was very active in the Ladies Bible classes. Currently, one of her favorite pastimes is listening to her bible tapes.

Myrtle is very proud of her family and they of her. Currently she has 4 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. One of her great great grandchildren tells a humorous story about a visit with Myrtle. She said that she dropped by to visit Myrtle, who was 95 at the time, and asked her what she had been doing that day. Myrtle replied "I went with some of the ladies today to visit the elderly."


Kenneth and Myrtle Bozeman


Myrtle, seated to the right, surrounded by her great grandchildren.