In 1894, the Wright's of Eureka, Kansas were blessed with a lovely bundle of joy, Mary. Mary was one of four girls born into the Wright family that also included two sons.

As a young woman, Mary went to live with her sister and brother-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. Milligan, in Oklahoma. While there, she attended a girl's college near Shawnee, Oklahoma. Mary began to show an interest in nursing so Dr. Milligan decided to train her as a nurse. Mary began to make visits with the doctor, work in his office and even helped deliver babies. Mary eventually became the head nurse for Dr. Milligan's well-known asthma and allergy practice. Dr. Milligan had patients from all over the country.

Ironically, the doctor's office was where Mary met her future husband, Leon S. Griffin. Leon had been one of Dr. Milligan's patients and had taken a liking to the lovely head nurse. The couple was soon married in Gary, Oklahoma.

Leon was quite the entrepreneur in Oklahoma and Shamrock, Texas where he owned hardware and furniture stores. Mary worked in the Oklahoma store occasionally, but spent most of her time was spent as a home maker after their son, Louis, was born. Mary said "the happiest day of my life was when I gave birth to my son."

Besides being a housewife, Mary was a member of a number of Study Clubs. But her family and faith in God were her utmost priorities. Mary was very active in the Methodist church. She was a Sunday School teacher and was eventually elected president of the Missionary Society for her church district in Oklahoma.

Mary's faith is still very important to her today. This short poem, she likes to recite, says it all:

Little feet be careful,
Where you take me to.
Anything for Jesus,
Only let me do.