[Mildred Hilton]

Mildred Hilton pictured standing to the right

Mildred Olive Hartman was born in Adair, Iowa on December 10, 1897 to John Henry and Alice Bragonier Hartman. The family moved to a farm near Lockney, TX. in 1915.

She married Robert Arthur Hilton on December 16, 1919. They lived on Arthur's grandmother's farm 8 miles south of Lockney for one year, then moved northwest of Lockney to the Hilton farm. On September 24, 1929, they moved to a farm near Friona, TX. Later, on December 16, 1939, they moved into Friona where Arthur worked for the school district.

Arthur died December 5, 1955. Mildred remained in Friona until October 28, 1958, when she moved to Lockney to care for her parents. After their deaths she bought the Hartman house in Lockney and continued to live there until she moved to an assisted living apartment house in Plainview, and then to a nursing home.

During her long life, Mildred has seen many changes. Probably the hardest years were on the farm near Friona during the Dust Bowl and the Depression. Mildred remembers her childhood in Iowa fondly and still speaks of Iowa as home. She enjoyed working in the fields and always had a large garden. She canned and preserved her harvest. She was a good cook and kept a spotless house. Hard work was important to her as a measure of worth.

Mildred and Arthur were very active in the Methodist church. They enjoyed working in the Methodist camp at Ceta Canyon for several summers. They were a devoted couple who never had children.