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South Plains Centenarian Site

This site is in honor of the wonderful residents that are 100 years old and living in nursing facilities on the South Plains of Texas. Our hats are off to these "South Plains Treasures" who have helped shape the history of our land.


Come and meet some of the more than 30 dynamic residents that are a part of the elite "100 Club." You can meet and learn more about our unique centenarians by clicking on their name below.

[ball] Albert Anderson [ball] Vianna Baber
[ball] Clara Bell [ball] Exie Blair
[ball] Myrtle Bozeman [ball] Mattie Bratcher
[ball] Roy Burleson [ball] Katherine Cardwell
[ball] Audie Collins [ball] Fannie Davis
[ball] Annie Eubanks [ball] Birdie FauntLeroy
[ball] Myrle Fenter [ball] Vera Freet
[ball] Carmen Garcia [ball] Alma R. T. George
[ball] Bessie Glover [ball] Minnie Gowens
[ball] Juana Gonzalez [ball] Hayden Goodnight
[ball] Mary Griffin [ball] Bess Haltom
[ball] Rellie Hammond [ball] Fern Henderson
[ball] Mamie Hilbun [ball] Mildred Hilton
[ball] Henry Hood [ball] Dollie Hurt
[ball] Thelma Manges [ball] Ethel Neely
[ball] Isabelle Perkins [ball] Bernice Prichard
[ball] J.W. Reid [ball] Dr. Martha Shelden
[ball] Eula Shipp [ball] Elva Stone
[ball] Alice Whitley [ball] Addie Wills
[ball] Lena Young

[ball]Check back with us frequently. More biographies will be added soon!

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