Ethel Neely was born in 1897 to the Stevens' near Hale Center, TX. The Stevens and their 2 daughters Ethel and Emma led a very active life. Ethel has many happy memories of their life on the famous XIT ranch. Her father was a cowboy on the ranch and Ethel enjoyed the cowgirl life as well. Neely admits she was a daddy's girl and loved to help him rope, brand and de-horn cattle.

Early in her life, Ethel began to exhibit how versatile she could be. Besides being an active cowgirl, she began to paint. She became interested in painting as a teenager and went on to study art and music at Wayland Baptist College.

After graduating from Wayland in 1916, she married J.D. Neely in the 1920's and moved to Ft. Worth. J.D. and she led a very exciting life. They loved to travel and went to Europe and Alaska many times in the 50's and 60's. Ethel says she was a "green horn" on her first travels to Europe. She loved the sites and painted many of the beautiful places they visited.

Today Neely's walls are still adorned with the tapestries she painted in her earlier years. She still entertains residents and staff with her piano playing and her good humor. Staff say her humorous side shows through whenever they ask her how she's doing. Ethel always says with a smile "I was better but I got over it."


Ethel and her family pictured in the 1900's. Ethel is the young girl standing with her hands resting on her parents shoulders.


A photo of one of the beautiful tapestries that Ethel painted.