[J.W. Reid]

When thinking of J.W Reid, the words civic minded and educator automatically come to mind. J.W. was born in 1899.After graduating from high school, he decided to continue his education and enroll in Simmons College in Abilene, TX. He graduated from college in 1921 and was instantly hired to teach Math, and eventually American History, at Lubbock High School. The recommendations from his professors were so good that he was hired without an interview. J.W. would become a teacher for the Lubbock Independent School District for the next 40 years; teaching at Lubbock High and Monterey High Schools.

One of the things he most enjoyed during his years as an educator was coaching the debate teams. During his tenure at Lubbock High, his debate teams won district competition 20 years straight. J.W. recalls that two of his best debaters were brothers, Warlick and Wagner Carr. Both eventually became attorneys and Wagner was elected Attorney General of Texas.

Besides being an outstanding debate coach, he was the first Driver's Education instructor in Lubbock. He taught the course through Lubbock High in the late 1940's. At that time the driver's education cars were equipped with a clutch and brake on the passenger side for the instructor's use.

In 1924, Reid decided to further his education and received his Master's Degree in Economics from the University of Texas. At that time he also decided to take the big step into marriage. He married his college sweetheart; Myrtie Atwood. Later on the happy couple became a family with the addition of a baby girl, Grace.

Reid realized that the responsibility of taking care of a family was a great one. Hard work was needed to provide a good life. His daughter, Grace, said "He worked hard... After teaching school all day, he would go and work on the farm." His keen business sense and degree in economics led him into the business of real estate. He soon began purchasing and selling property in Lubbock. He bought property in South Lubbock and helped develop the areas of Sunny Slope and Time Square. His first major property sale was the land used for the St. John Methodist Church in 1947. His most recent major land transaction was the property used for the new Indiana Avenue Baptist Church.

Age has not dampened his interest in the community. Grace recalls her father being very civic minded. "He loved to drive around the city just to see what was going on."He is still very interested in politics and sports and occasionally writes letters to the editor on these subjects. Religious endeavors has also played a big part in Reid's life. He has the distinction of being a member of the First Baptist Church of Lubbock and their oldest living deacon.

J.W. has no lack of loving friends and family. He currently has a very proud and devoted family consisting of one daughter, 3 grandsons, 7 great grandchildren, 3 step great grandchildren and 5 step great great grand children.