Myrle Fenter was born on September 27, 1903 in Deleon, Texas. She was one of five children born to William Luke and Ada Frances Northcutt. When Myrle was four years old, the family moved to Oklahoma. This was during a time when Oklahoma had been a state for only two years. Myrle's father farmed and bought cattle to ship to market in Oklahoma City. Myrle helped on the farm and rode a horse herding cattle.

In those days the school was the center of activities; singing, box and pie suppers were held at the school. Myrle's older sister would play the organ while the family would sing. Myrle's father taught everyone to dance the waltz. The dances held in the community were similar to the square dancing of today. Myrle was a feisty young pioneer. Attending the circus one year made an impression on Myrle. She was intrigued by the girls riding horses. They would stand on the horse's back and do tricks. Myrle decided this was something she wanted to try. As long as the horse walked Myrle could stay on, but if the horse moved at a faster pace, she quickly fell off. Myrle also took her hand at boxing. She would without hesitation put on the boxing gloves and go a few rounds with her brother and cousin.

The Northcutt family left Oklahoma and moved to Sudan, Texas in 1924. Myrle then began working as a telephone operator.

While living in Sudan, Myrle met Floyd Fenter. Floyd was a carpenter at this time. Floyd had a daughter, Oleta from a previous marriage who was eleven years old. In 1926 Myrle and Floyd were married in Olton, Texas. After their marriage the young couple worked building homes in Pampa, Texas. Myrle was a true helper in building the homes. She took on tasks at every level including climbing on the roof to put the shingles on.

On January 31, 1929, John William was born to the Fenter Home in Pampa, Texas. Myrle and her son were very close. Myrle encouraged his involvement in activities. Because the family lived in town and many of her son's friends lived in the country, Myrle never knew how many would be at breakfast after a night of activities in town. In those days it was difficult to get home at night when transportation was limited and therefore her son's friends would stay over night and return to their homes the following day.

Myrle maintained a very busy lifestyle. She and her husband owned a grocery business in Lorenzo, Texas. Myrle worked as the cashier. Myrle raised a vegetable garden each year. She was an avid flower gardener as well. She was an active member of the First Baptist Church in Ralls, Texas. She was a member of the TEL Sunday School Class for many years.

Myrle's husband and both children preceded her in death. She currently has eight grandchildren, 17 greatgrandchildren, 16 great-great grandchildren, and 5 great-great-great grandchildren.

Myrle presently resides at Ralls Nursing Home. She remains active and enjoys attending the musical events. She does not like anyone to make a fuss over her especially when her age is mentioned. She has a wonderful sense of humor and enjoys laughing.


Myrle Fenter pictured with her siblings.


Myrle as a young girl.