On a chilly January day in 1901, a future scholar was born; Martha Gene Shelden. Dr. Shelden was born and raised in the small Midwestern town of Eldorado, KS.

This future scholar was born into a very special family. As a matter of interest, Dr. Shelden is a “blue blood”. Her blood line is the Calvert family- the Lord Baltimore who founded the state of Maryland. Also, four of her ancestors have been identified as passengers on the Mayflower, including an ancestral grandfather, John Howland who is renown for having fallen overboard in Plymouth Harbor - and was rescued.

Dr. Shelden developed into a bright young woman who craved knowledge. Those who knew her well described her as bright, articulate and a true scholar. She was drawn to the field of education and began her teaching career in her home town of Eldorado, KS. In 1951 she took a department head position at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK, and from there went to Texas Tech University about 1970.

Dr. Shelden soon earned a doctorate in Fabrics and Clothing design and became the Home Economics department head at Texas Tech. During her tenure at Texas Tech, she also wrote a text book in her field of fabrics and clothing design.

Besides being a scholar, she also played an active part on the campus and in the Lubbock community. She was a long time member of P.E.O. and a faithful member of the First Presbyterian Church in Lubbock.

Even though Dr. Shelden remained single, she enjoys the company of her friends and family that cherish her.