[Lena Young]

Lena Clay was born near Jacksboro, Jack County, TX., July 6, 1898 to Thomas Montgomery and Katie Ann (Dodson) Clay. She was next to the oldest of 12 children. She went to Pickwick School which was in Palo Pinto County.

The family moved out west to Clarendon, TX in 1917. Her dad bought a farm near Hedley, TX. and her mother died that same year. Lena was 19 years old and assumed the roll of mothering the younger siblings. She married James Elmer Young, December 26, 1920 and together they began a life on a farm near Quail. Five children were born to this couple. James Lewis, 1921; Alta Lavelle, 1923, and died the next year; Adrian Clinton, 1925; Sylva Faye, 1926; and Geneva Ann, 1929.

Lena was the perfect farm wife. She enjoyed raising chickens and gardening. Their family never knew hunger even in the hard times. They killed and canned their own pork and beef. Canning season was a busy time and the family had plenty put away for the winter months including onions and potatoes.

They were good Christian parents and raised their children in the Baptist faith. Lena loved teaching Sunday School for preschoolers and taught for 40 years. She was a member of the W.M.U., a mission organization of her church. She still reads the Bible daily and lives her life by it. Often, she will be found instructing others.

She loved to sew and make quilts. Her girls wore beautifully sewn dresses and made many quilts. Always being careful to have some extra ones put back for the needy or some one who had lost their belongings in a fire, etc. To this day she is still piecing quilt blocks at 101 years of age.

She was a caregiver to her spouse, who was sick for many years, until he died in 1969. The two sons both fought in W.W.II. Adrian was killed in the battle of Shuri on Okinawa, May 17, 1945. James returned from Germany and died five years later with a sudden illness. Their oldest daughter, Geneva, is still living and lives nearby. Lena has no living brother or sisters. She has nine living grandchildren and one deceased; 22 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild.

She enjoys her friends and family when they come by to see her and spends her time doing activities with others in the home. Her hobbies are reading and piecing quilts.

[Lena Young]

Lena enjoying a day of quilting at 101 years old.

[Lena Young]

Lena celebrating her 100th birthday with family and friends.